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Serhii Kovbasyuk

Ukrainian photographer Serhii Kovbasyuk was born in Kyiv in 1985. As a child, full of creative energy, he discovered the world of visual arts, music, and choreography. For further development, Serhii chose photography, in which he expresses himself to this day. The presented photos are the first encounter with the visual artist and photographer Serhii Kovbasyuk’s world of revelation. His images express the simple and the complex co-existing simultaneously, the superficial and deep, the outline and the thin edges of nature, and the perspective on the world. His pictures tell about the flight of the soul, which is sometimes difficult to describe, and the feeling his photos incite is impossible to forget. UAPP member – EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS (Ukraine) https://ukrainianphotographers.com/photographers/serhij_kovbasyuk Participant of various exhibitions (Ukraine and in other countries). Guest of television projects, publications in glossy magazines L’Officiel, Vogue and others. Exhibitions: june 2018 Bangkok (Thailand) “The QUEEN`S GALLERY” art exhibition dedicated to Ukrainian culture called “Different Ukraine” january 2021 Kyiv, (Ukraine) art exhibition “From Ukraine with Love” at art underground pass Khreschatyk street. december 2021 Kyiv (Ukraine) Contemporary art gallery Forsa in Hyatt Regency Kyiv 2nd International salon GEORGIA PHOTO FAIR 2023 2nd International salon UKRAINE PHOTO FAIR 2023

Frequently Asked Questions
How to start Planning a photoshoot

The first thing to start planning is to decide on the idea or theme of the photo session. To do this, you need to understand what you want, look at photos of other authors, be inspired by the shooting location, etc. For me, your wishes and examples are needed - only then can I understand you and offer my scenario for how we should shoot.

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Selecting photos for Post processing after Shooting
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