"Born Again"

"Born Again", 2023

I am excited to present to you the "Born Again" art project. This photo series was created by Ukrainian photographer, Serhii Kovbasyuk, and features a woman who symbolizes nature and feminine strength, representing rebirth and new beginnings. As we journey from losing our individuality in today's world, where our status and roles often define us, to reimagining ourselves with renewed purpose and a fresh start, the project explores the transformative power of art. Antlers cover the female figure in the photographs, serving as symbols of protection against external influences, embodying new strength and the potential for a fresh start. The "Born Again" photo series evokes deep impressions and elicits different emotions depending on each viewer's individual interpretation. I hope this work of art will inspire contemplation about life, its value, and new beginnings. May "Born Again" encourage you to be creative and open to new ideas and experiences.