Art project «Transparent Forms of Beauty», 2023

The concept of the project is based on the idea that beauty is not something measured by standards or external appearance, but an inner infinite quality that can be felt and seen through conscious transparency of perception. Each photograph is created to show that beauty can have different forms and is based on each individual’s uniqueness. The «Transparent Forms of Beauty» art project is an attempt to prove that every person is beautiful in their unique individuality, and beauty is an infinite and silent diversity of forms and shades. It expresses the power of beauty embodied in forms of existence. The project consists of two series: «Emancipation of Light» and «Emancipation of the Body.»

Art project «Emancipation of the Body», 2023

The art photography series «Emancipation of the Body», created by Serhii Kovbasyuk, is a profound call for liberation from imposed standards and limitations, and a display of transparent beauty. The female body, as a linguistic tool, draws attention to the problem of social inequality and gender stereotypes in the modern world. It allows for a re-evaluation of one’s attitude towards sexuality, freedom, and traditional roles of women in society. This series breaks taboos, and each photo gradually reveals a deeper meaning, from limitations and a certain type of control over the body, to strength and independence, and a sense of freedom. It attests that people own their bodies and decide how to use them, and that people are capable of changing the world....

«Emancipation of Light» 2023

The art photography series «Emancipation of Light» was created by Ukrainian photographer Serhii Kovbasyuk in 2023. This series conveys the idea of liberating one’s inner light from limitations, freeing it from external boundaries, giving it space and ease, and demonstrating its beauty. The transparent fabric creates a mist-like effect, obscuring details but leaving the essentials.. The photographs can be seen as an allegory for the emancipation of individuals from social, cultural, religious, and other limitations that hinder personal development and self-expression. The «Emancipation of Light» series can be understood as liberation from all the factors that prevent us from being bright, light, and transparent. The photos depict not only the beauty of body forms but also the fluidity of movements, creating a feeling of lightness....

"Born Again", 2023

As we journey from losing our individuality in today's world, where our status and roles often define us, to reimagining ourselves with renewed purpose and a fresh start, the project explores the transformative power of art. Antlers cover the female figure in the photographs, serving as symbols of protection against external influences, embodying new strength and the potential for a fresh start. The "Born Again" photo series evokes deep impressions and elicits different emotions depending on each viewer's individual interpretation....

"Transcendent Sculptures" 2022

The series of art photographs titled "Transcendent Sculptures," created by visual artist Sergey Kovbasiuk, emerged from the inspiration drawn from sculptural works of masters from different epochs. The connection to traditional art and the inspiration derived from great masters serve as significant sources for many artists and act as keys to creative expressions that can inspire and captivate generations after generations.